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Aging-In-Place: Frequent Question

I was visiting a client, recently, and we began discussing aging-in-place in regard to her plans to downsize. She said, “If we do that, is my new house doing to look like a hospital?” It is a question I frequently get. My general response is, “No, like everything else, the Baby Boomer Generation is having a remarkable impact on this area of design as they have in so many other areas. Anything from grab bars to ramps are now see as a design opportunity rather than an unfortunate necessity of aging – to be avoided at all costs until absolutely necessary.” Gone is the institutional look of assistance devices. They have become part of bathroom suites. These days, there are so many beautiful options to suit your style and taste. I find that the design world has awakened to the burgeoning elder population and this is refreshing. I hope this helps break down more barriers. Homes should work for all abilities, don’t you think? Contact us today for a free design consultation!

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