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Maxwell Studios started out as a decorative painting studio in 1997 named Hollye Maxwell Studios. Over the years, we became Maxwell Studios, LLC and have employed various artists and creatives along the way. We are also famous for our collaborations with other creatives in art, interior design, garden design, graphic design, writing, and other fields. Please inquire about our recommendations and collaborations.

Hollye Maxwell, principal, has two degrees in art and architectural history, interior design, and extensive training in the US and Europe in various creative techniques including watercolor, colored pencil, encaustic, oil painting, architectural drafting, and true fresco. She has been known to dabble in making her own paints. She is also interested in biophilia and how we are hard-wired to love the natural world. Many of her paintings depict birds, plants, and landscapes. She also designs indoor gardening spaces - especially terrariums! Visit our sister site:

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